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If you want to launch a 3DTVCHannel.com in Canada you can't because the social network there and all the news and TV medias will not include you and discriminate against 100% of every business starup you create and for 25 years they will even ostrasise your political participation in everthing you start from 3DBusinessTV.com or 3DtravelTV.com or 3DNewschannel.com or 3D any thing they will just plain block and use you r website TLd address and ip trade names as key words the Canadoian press and socil networks whant to advertise on and browsers and search engines will sell your ICANN IP address to millions of links and advertising anf the socil net in Canada will block the envestment markets as insider trading continues via the press bans for online starup metaverses in 2000 today in 2024 as 100% of every sinlge startupthis christmas isprobable profitable for ad sales and full of links that are getting traffic from ad sales on all my other staruos join in and use you ip tld for ther is a coveruo and no one in the preses will tell so you launch in Canada for 25 years and now you know and so if you are thinking of Launching a metavers of new 3DTVCHannel.com for cars sports travel news fashion and plitics oe pleasure remember yu have seen what they did to 3DTelevision.com and 3DTVBrands.com and how they can use 3DCA.com startuos for advertising and no one ever mentions it and the proof in on the 3Dwindowshopping.com 3Dfaces.cok os Canada coveruo printing and over the ail fske and news whil iside traders srit the markets abd block ICANN stsrtuos for monitizig in a closed busines enterprise called the news set up for redacting anythingthey whim in their pres and so you might consider the historu of the www.3DCounty.com Real3DTV.com 3DTelevisionNetwork.com (and you could look at non dusclosure in Canadian businss too) and 3DCA.com and learn from my experiance after 25 years of launching 3DTV metavers and messaging online my 50 year experiance in messaging systems tells me you r barking up the wrong tree of you get my message the Canadian press are closed to 3DTVStartups.com for 25 years and I see no sign of any change in 2024 . so this is a lesson you can learn and it costs you mothing . www.3DPresident.com of 3DCunty.com and 3DCA.com stll looking to for a pro bono lawyer as the Canadina starups have cleaned me out. so if you want to be cliened out chasing a dream then try Canadian press they will help and you will spend 25 years of provacey while they target and profile block and cover up your startups and metaverses as the join international presses and medias , aftermarket and advertisng sales on your domain the press will see to it ther is total secracy while they see to the interfearance in internationl busines if complete so that your startup will recieve 25 yezrs and more unlimited redactions and so there is no media willing to denie this or come tho the medias rescue and chat on a affiliats socil net and that is the real3DTV.com news not a fake news coverup if this news historical 3DTelevision launching inine event in Canadian history still unwritten in all the presses as my 1st withness. ther are no records in news and media politics and the history of online 3DTV is the Canadian searh engine but ads on every ICANN addrs making millions from traffic theft of Canadian ip addreses that ICANN sels and the news willnot tell you this bcasue thes oart of the news is resdacted and fsked event coverup mandated and every AI bot the press use is programmed to blcok your starup and sell ads on the Io free from retaliation by the pressans politics busies and pleasure in the Canadian news and you heard it from the www.3DRealTV.com and www.Real3DTV.com www.3Dpresident.com of 3DTVCity.com and www.3DCounty.com www.3DJournals.com in 2024 No Results found = for www.3DVirtualTV.com

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